Crump’s history began with horse drawn spreaders around the time of the First World War, the exact date is not known. Our records commence with the 1926 horse drawn Maple, Mulga & Myal drop spreaders. In 1930 the ‘O’ series spinner type were released, for horses of course.

By 1935 there was a range of 15 spreaders which catered for all farming operations. There were ground drive models for ponies, horses and towing by trucks and tractors and models for mounting on tray trucks and farm trailers.

The concept, accuracy and basic design of the 1930 spinner spreader was so good that it was used until replaced in 1970 by the Kurrajong series. Production of the drop spreader series stopped in the early 50’s due to granulated fertilisers becoming readily available.

Both the Acacia and Kurrajong series have been improved in recent years and the Crump Australia business is now part of the Albury Precision Engineering Group.

The manufacturing business and office headquarters for Crump Australia are now located in Albury with sales and service agents located throughout the country.

All technical information on spreaders from 1926 is intact, excepting machine number records. From remaining records we know that at least 30,000 spreaders have been manufactured since 1945.

Spare parts sales indicate that a very large portion of these and the 1935/45 spreaders are still in use today. The facts are, replacement parts and instruction manuals are available for nearly all Crump spreaders. Original manufacturing drawings are available for restoration enthusiasts where components are no longer supplied i.e. horsedrawn models.

We can even supply a copy of the original 1926 drop spreader manual and service that machine with parts from later models.

What better guarantee can a manufacturer offer?


Crump spreaders are a part of Australian Made Campaign and are Members of Australian Fertilizer Services Association

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