Without attachments (excepting internal gates):

All dry granular and very dry fine products,  even when containing large crumbly lumps of fertiliser.  eg. granulated fertiliser, pelletised manures, very dry lime, most seeds and grain, etc.

With appropriate attachment;

All fertilisers, whose particles or lumps do not stick together.

Examples of products machine will spread:

  1. All dry fertilisers
  2. Granulated fertilisers with hard lumps from bottom of bulk bags. (Lump breaker)*
  3. Damp granulated fertilisers (Mk6 agitator)*
  4. Mixtures of granulated fertilisers and lime,  even when just a little moist. (Mk6 agitator)
  5. Lime (Mk7 agitator if moist.  Quantity booster if bone dry)*
  6. Gypsum (Mk7 agitator)*
  7. Sewerage ash (Low rates Mk6 agitator.  High rates Mk7 agitator)*
  8. Blast furnace ash (Low rates Mk6 agitator.  High rates Mk7 agitator)
  9. Power furnace ashes such as Fibrofoss (Low rates Mk6 agitator.  High rates Mk7 agitator)*
  10. Chaff (Mk7 agitator)*
  11. Seaweed (Mk7 agitator)*
  12. Fine seeds such as rye grass or rye grass and clover mixes. (Seed spout,1/4 quantity gate or simply load spreader with a bag super, bag of seed, bag of super, bag of seed, and so on)
  13. Coarse seeds such as millet and wheat. (1/4 or 1/2 quantity internal gate)
  14. Snail pellets. Bone dry only (seed spout or 1/4 quantity internal gate)

Product Damage:

At normal spinner speeds,  these machines limit product damage to a negligible amount,  resulting in better distribution and virtually no damage to fertiliser granules,  seeds or grains.   If you want to spread snail pellets,  you spread snail pellets,  not fine crumbles.   With crumbly products,  a seed spout could be required to limit damage

Spreading on tram lines:

This is fairly simple. Select a tractor engine (PTO) speed or hydraulic motor speed that produces the lap required. With a top quality, uniform, well granulated fertiliser and PTO speeds up to 700rpm or so, 28 to 30 metre row spacings are possible with nitrogen. Pellet size should not be less that 4mm. To maintain accuracies, the Deluxe model should be used with 1/2 quantity internal gate.

Effect of different products on accuracy:

Changes in a particles weight has little to no effect on spreaders accuracy. Variations in uniformity of a fertilisers particle sizes may affect accuracy up to about 2.5%. What is affected is the width of cover for a given spinner speed and the lap required to accommodate the variation in pellet size.

Agitator Selection Test Rule:

Take a sample of fertiliser and squeeze in hand.

  1. If product cannot be compacted or almost reverts to original on opening hand no agitator * is required.
  2. If sample is gently disturbed and it breaks into small pieces an agitator * is required.
  3. If sample can be moved around without breaking, product should be left to dry.

If product is between 2 & 3 the Mk7 agitator * must be used and will often produce a 700 mm dia. hole to the  top of the load.

* When an agitator or lumpbreaker is ordered with any model, (either new or as a spare part), a safety screen must be ordered.


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