The Kurrajong series are trailing spreaders and the Acacia series are mounted.

All models and sizes are PTO driven, (a hydraulic drive option is also available), and are available as Standard or Deluxe models. The Kurrajong fertiliser spreaders are available with a 1000,  2000 or 3000 Kg load rating and the Acacia has 1000 and 2000 Kg load ratings.

Most models are available with Big Volume options, allowing bulker bags to be employed more efficiently.


Standard models have fixed discharge points and a quantity control gate and are recommended for normal granulated fertiliser spreading operations. For extremely accurate spreading this model requires 50% overlap. See ground coverage charts.

Deluxe models have adjustable discharge points and a quantity control gate and are recommended for very accurate spreading on tram lines or over large areas and for spreading operations that could require the Mk7 agitator, lump breaker or the 12mm quantity booster.

PTO's; These are fitted with the Crump Mk6 gearbox. The tail shaft is completely enclosed from front to back and unless otherwise ordered, machines are supplied with a Crump PTO shaft and clutch. Universal joint kits are standard sizes and are readily available.

Hydraulic; Hydraulic driven spinners are available on all models.

Ground Cover:

Effective ground cover. As a guide at 540 rpm of PTO or 625 rpm of spinner.

  1. Well granulated Australian Single Super - 25 to 27.5 m (depending on uniformity of grain size)
  2. Normal Super (Australian Double and Triple Super) - 27.5 m
  3. Well granulated Urea - 20 to 25 m (depending on uniformity of grain size). Fine lime - 4.5 m
  4. Ground cover can be increased or decreased by changing the spinner speed.

Standards and Regulations:

Unless otherwise ordered, machines are supplied to Australian & ISO standards and Australian H&S regulations.When an agitator or lump breaker is ordered with any model, (either new or as a spare part), a safety screen must also be ordered.

Kurrajong and Acacia History:

In 1970 the Mk 1 was released, Mk 2 in 1972, Mk 3 in 1975, Mk 4 in 1978, Mk 5 in 1998, and more recently Mk 6. All changes leading to the Mk 4 were due to changes in tractors PTO clutches and an increase in attachment power requirements. The Mk 5 is a metric Mk 4. Since 1970 the positions of outlets and instructions have been changed to accommodate better quality fertilisers and more accurate testing equipment. Not only are we still servicing the 1970 models, but still supplying parts to spreaders made in 1935. Unfortunately, earlier models have to be upgraded to 1935 or later specifications.


The adjustable discharge spout can be fitted to all past and current models.

New Developments:

The Albury Precision Engineering R & D department are continually improving and updating models as required. On the drawing board at present are the designs for the revamped belt spreader, (bringing the messmate into the 21st Century), along with preliminary workings for a ground driven model to cater for smaller farms and lifestyle properties.

Optional Extras:

Optional extras are available on most models including, but not limited to;

  • Galvanised framework.
  • Hydraulic spinner drive.
  • Road tow kits, (lights, tow hitch, safety chain).
  • Heavy duty tyre upgrade, (K1000 range only).

Should you have any specific requirements for your spreading application, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.



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