Crump Began in an Era of Horse Drawn Farming and Remains on the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Early Innovators

Crump’s history began with horse drawn spreaders around the time of the First World War, the exact date is not known but legend has it around 1915.

Our records commence with the 1926 (a fire destroying any documentation prior) with the horse drawn Maple, Mulga & Myal drop spreaders.

In 1930 the ‘O’ series spinner type was released, for horses of course.

Serving the growing needs of farmers

By 1935 there was a range of 15 spreaders which catered for all farming operations. There were ground driven models for ponies, horses and towing by trucks and tractors and models for mounting on tray trucks and farm trailers.

Changing Times

The development process over the years has seen many patents lodged. Production of the drop spreader series stopped in the early 50’s due to granulated fertilisers becoming readily available and we were continuing to innovate and create new designs.

Kurrajong Series Introduced

The concept, accuracy and basic design of the 1930 spinner spreader was so good that it was used until replaced in 1970 by the Kurrajong series.

Ongoing Innovation

In 2012, the Albury Precision Engineering Group of Companies incorporated Crump Spreaders Australia into their organisation. Manufacturing enhancements have seen the mild-steel painted hoppers converted to stainless steel and all machines have a galvanised spinner as standard.

The headquarters for Crump Spreaders Australia is located in Albury with sales and service agents located throughout the country.

Timeless Service and Support

In 2021, Crump continued to design and innovate and released the Mark 7 gearbox which sees the range fully metricated.

While some information is no longer available for the older machines (eg machine record numbers), the technical information on spreaders from 1926 is still intact.

We know that at least 32,000 spreaders have been manufactured.

Spare parts sales indicate that a very large portion of these early model spreaders are still in use today.

In 2026 (the centenary of Crump Spreaders Australia), we have something special being released and you will not want to miss it! Watch this space!!!

If you need any assistance, we are only ever a phone call or email away.

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