Sharing Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Crump Fertiliser Spreader Questions

Replacement parts are available for Kurrajong & Acacia Crump Spreaders. These are generally available ex-stock to keep your machine up and running.

The older ground-driven and horse-drawn model parts (Messmate, WhiteGum, Cedar, Willow, etc) are becoming scarce, however we do our best to provide you with what you need.

Give us a call to talk through your requirements and we can see what can be done.

Instruction manuals are available for nearly all Crump spreaders regardless of their age.

  • Kurrajong and Acacia Operators Manual, Parts List and Quantity Charts.
  • Messmate Single and Twin Chain Operators Manual, Parts List and Quantity Charts.
  • Kauri and Jarrah Single Chain Spreaders Operators Manual and Parts List.
  • Original spare parts manuals for Cedar, Willow, Bluegum, Ironbark, White Gum, Wattle and Liquid manure spreaders.

If you’re in doubt as to what model you have, just send us a photo and we’ll endeavour to work it out together.

Just let us know the size and model of your machine and we’ll send you the relevant quantity charts. They include Super & Urea as well as products like seeds, wheat, bait, etc. If you need a hand working out how to read the charts, ask us for our guide to help you work out your desired outcomes.

We do have social media! We try to post weekly, with tips and tricks about the spreaders and to update everyone with what we have been up to!

Please go and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

A well-maintained machine will never let you down. However, to give you further peace of mind, we work with external partners such as Accu-Spread & AFSA with our test results within 5% of set parameters.

They also noted in their report “…testing showed impressive results: the granulated products tested dispenses in their intended form so there was no loss to the integrity of the product.”

Ground coverage and accuracy reports are available to those who are interested.

That’s easy! We are:

  • 100% Australian Owned
  • 100% Australian Made – we are apart of the AustMade campaign.
  • 100% Quality Australian Stainless Steel is the only steel we use.
  • Committed to building quality products – that’s why we are still servicing models built before WWII.
  • Resolute in our drive for cost effetiveness – we would rather pass on savings to our farmers than the middlemen.
  • Committed to our future – our commitment to agriculuture sicne 1926 proves our reliability and dependability
  • Innovative in our designs – we are constantly working on ways to improve our products and service to our customers.
  • Steadfast in our belief that our young people are our future – which is why we are committed to training our apprentices in all aspects of Crump’s manufacturing process.

Albury Precision Engineering is now home to the iconic Crump Spreader brand. After being involved in the manufacture of Crump Spreader components for many years prior, it was a “no-brainer” for APE to incorporate a name synonymous with their own values: precision, quality, reliability and dependability.

Conveniently located on the Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne corridor, they are able to supply to all locations across the country.

Feel free to call in and visit the showroom if you are passing by.


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