Standard Spreader Capabilities

Without any additional accessories our spreaders can distribute dry granular and very dry fine products, even when containing large crumbly lumps^ of fertiliser (granulated fertiliser, pelletised manures, very dry lime, most seeds and grain, etc).

Calibration and Accuracy (along with the integrity of the product being distributed) is verified through the use of the machine.

^ Always remember, if you put in a good quality product, you’ll get a good quality result. We recommend you grab a handful of product and squeeze.  If the product falls apart easily in your hand, then you’re good to go.

Attachments & Optional Extras Bring More Opportunities

With our range of custom attachments Crump Spreaders can disperse all varieties of fertilisers; dry, mixes, chaff, seed, and pellets. We’ve designed a range of agitators, lump breakers, safety screens, spouts and gates to suit your farming needs.

We also offer a whole suite of extras that are available including stainless steel discharge spouts, galvanised frames, heavy duty tyres (K1000 range), road-tow kits, covers & bows…

Technological Features & Upgrades

We are always working on bringing more advanced features into the range to ensure ease of operation.

Hydraulic versions to replace PTO’s are offered on all models.

Customised Versions

Do you need something different? We’ve custom made a KSD3000 with a heavy-duty hopper as an example, so if you need anything outside the existing scope, please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Start spreading with Crump